Akai XE8 sample pack + all cards *FREE version*

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The Akai XE8 is a rack mount Programmable Sample Sound Module/MIDI Drum Expander.

✪ We did sample all 16 internal sounds +  4 cards 
👉 all 16 pitch variations from both internal and cards
👉 special set sampled with 12 bits Akai MPC 60 and CBM amiga at 8 bits 11kHz lofi.
👉 24 bits, mono as the original module
👉 A total of 148 mb for 1331 WAV files
👉 Free basic version

Pack includes:
Here's the list of the samples:
Sound list:
✪ internal: kicks X4 , hihats x3 , snare x3 , toms x3, Crash, Ride, Clap, Perc✪ Card1: kick, snare, rim, hihats x2, toms x4, , ride, crash, cowbell x2, perc x 2 , orchestra hit
✪ Card2: kick, snare, rim, hihats x2, tomsx4, china, percussion x2, conga, bongo, crash x2
✪ Card3: kick x3, snare x2, rim, toms x4, hihats x2, crash, china, triangle, ride, perc
✪ Card4:kick x3, snare x3, rim, toms x3, cymbal x2, hihat, crash, china, ride, 

Demo made only with XE8 samples for percussions. Synths and basses are not included.

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I want this!

Akai XE8 sample pack + all cards *FREE version*

0 ratings
I want this!