🎧 Multivox Electro-Snare MX-57 (synare)

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🎧 Multivox Electro-Snare MX-57 (synare)

0 ratings

Sounds, blips, disco toms, fx from the UFO analog drum percussor from the seventies. 2 oscillators for crazy sounds


β˜… 🎧 Format: 24 bits/ 44 kHz

MX57 synare has two different packs:

🎁 Free sample pack contains 20 tailored samples (2,5mb)
βœͺ Deluxe version with more than 600 samples (75 mb)

βš› zip compressed

NOTE: the multivox has a high noise floor, sometimes it's a bit noisy, we tried to keep it as silent as possible.

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