AK Drummer CRM 260 Sample Pack

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Vintage drum machine! we sampled all the whole thing with different converters and samplers (12bits). All original sounds but also a lot of rework, remaster, boost, EQ

✪ Original 4 sounds with variation accent, sampled in different ways:
- 7 x flat original
- 7 x boosted with preamplification 
- 7 x special 12 bits version by Akai Mpc60.
- 15 x heavy modded versions (sub basses, pitch, transient..)
A total of 34 one shot samples.

✪♪ 8 presets rhythms looped
♪ 27 custom heavy modded patterns looped at 120bpm

DEMO made with sample pack and some extra synth sounds

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AK Drummer CRM 260 Sample Pack

0 ratings
I want this!