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Mfb Tanzmaus *Total* sample pack

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More than 3200 samples out of the analog Tanzmaus!
We sampled probably ALL possible knob combination (and it WAS pretty boring to do!).

Pack includes:
-1400 kicks
-123 claps
-905 snares
-765 toms
-1 (lonely) rimshot
-BONUS FREE : 32 factory samples from digital section (these are always free of charge, and are for courtesy since MFB is long gone,).

🎧 400 size Mb
✪ 24 bits mono 44 kHz

Sample organization in details:

✪KicK (1400 samples) There are 7 main pitch folders, each contains 3 subfolders with 3 attacks level, each attack driven version and noise.All decays recorded.
✪claps (123 samples) 4 transient folders, each with all noise and decay variation
✪snares (905 samples) 2 main EG levels, each with 7 pitches with all decay versions
✪toms (765 samples) 7 pitch folders each with 3 attack levels. Each attack levels have all decay version

Demo made only with included samples (just a touch of effecs)

Check out

for more samples, synth patch and freebies!

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Mfb Tanzmaus *Total* sample pack

0 ratings
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