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Mfb Kult sample pack

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Digital drum module with many Sounds from rare and epic drum machines from the 70-80's.

✪ We did sample 192 percussive sounds, these sounds are in 12 folders by genre (kick, snare,toms, hats, crash...)
👉 A total of 5 mb for 192 WAV files
👉 24 bits, mono 

✪  Please note that samples are quite "short" and may sound a bit lofi due the Kult characteristics: it's not mean to be a Hi-fi tr808 replacement, but it has its own character, quite cripsy.

Pack includes:
Here's the list of the samples:
-22 kicks
-20 snares
-56 toms
-30 hats
-9 rides+ 3 crashes
-12 claps
-37 various percussions (claves, cowbell...)

🎧 6 size Mb
✪ 24 bits mono 44 kHz

Demo made only with kult samples for percussions. Synths and basses are not included.

Check out

for more samples, synth patch and freebies!

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Mfb Kult sample pack

0 ratings
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